About Me

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I'm Barakah. I support women in creating and growing businesses around their busy lifestyles.

As a business analyst, entrepreneur and mother of four, I fully understand the determination, dedication and drive that it takes to go after and achieve one’s goals despite seemingly difficult circumstances.

I firmly believe that everyone has been gifted with unique skills, talents and experiences, and I am passionate about supporting women who are ready and determined to chase after their dreams.



My story isn’t majorly dramatic, nor is it particularly unique. It is simply of a woman who refused to let anything come between her and her dreams.

I began the journey into motherhood at the age of 19. By the age of 22, I had my second child and by 25 and then 27, I had my third and fourth children respectively. Though born and bred in the UK, I am of Nigerian Heritage, from an upbringing that places much emphasis and value in education and attainment. Having so many children in close succession, especially at a young age was not something that was customary, nor was it encouraged. Many said I would not be able to make anything of my life. I resolved to show them otherwise.

I can humbly say that I have been able to achieve and experience so much more than I could have ever imagine. From landing highly sought- after job opportunities, to starting my own business, and much more in between, I am eternally grateful to Allah for His mercy and blessings.

My experiences have left me passionate to help others to live the life they truly desire and deserve. Whether you are a teenage mother struggling in your new role as a mother, while trying to remain motivated to pursue your dreams; or you are a mother of five who wants to start a business but doubts yourself; or you work full time by day and are attempting to develop a 'side hustle' by night, I am here for you. You have the right to happiness and fulfilment. You have the right to be totally you.

Are you ready? I believe in YOU.

With love,

Barakah x