This is a brilliant service for muslim women to develop and establish their business dreams. I like many other sisters have found it hard to focus on achieving my goals and feel I won't have the time because of kids, work etc. Barakah helps to create a manageable plan also giving advice and support. What I loved was Barakah has the experience of managing her own successful business whilst also running a busy household. Masha Allah. I cannot recommend it enough.
Jamila Sanderson
Empowering, empathetic & inspiring. Barakah assisted by challenging & helping me to see my full potential. Providing me with tools that Enabled me to make key decisions in order to be successful & more focused in business. I also found that many of the of the skills practised where also easily applied in my personal life, helping to maintain a positive frame of mind & continually work towards achieving the life that i want and deserve!
Na'eemah umm Hishaam
Masha'Allah Barakah has been a real blessing, motivating and encouraging me to pursue my dream. She has provided many useful resources and given me invaluable information. May Allah reward you.
Laila ( Vertue Box)